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LEAF AFi II 12 Coming soon

Effective immediately, the Aptus-II 12 is now available for the AFi/Hy6 platform.

Please understand what we know so far:

this is for existing AFi/Hy6 users
there is no current stated intention to ship AFi/Hy6 cameras

This is the extent of what we know at this time. If there are questions, post them or PM NEXOR and well try to get answers (and provide our perspective, naturally).

We are accepti
 Leaf has announced today the Aptus-II 12 will be made available in the AFi/Hy6 mount. Initially this option was not made available but due to demand will be available to ship in Q1 of 2011 to provide an easy upgrade path for those with existing AFi/Hy6 cameras. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Leaf Aptus-II 12
CCD Size mm 53.7 x 40.3
pixels 10,320 x 7,752
Resolution 80 MP
Capture Rate sec/fr 1.5
File Size MOS 165 MB
MOS Compressed 107 MB
TIFF 16-bit 480 MB
8 bit RGB 240 MB
8 bit CMYK 320 MB
ISO Sensitivity 80-800
Leaf SensorFlex Yes
Dynamic Range 12 f-stops