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Hensel Light news 2010

Porty L 600 and L 1200

Profoto Air radio remote trigger „on board“ at Hensel!
Whether integrated in the unit or as a plug-in attachment: this is the ideal solution when simultaneous control of Profoto and Hensel systems with one radio control device is desired.
Please note: All units with factory built-in Profoto Air radio remote trigger have full system compatibility concerning trigger and control of units! Additionally, these units can be remote controlled via all other compatible system components, e.g. Phase One cameras which work with the same standard. Several worlds under one roof and the first solution of this kind that allows you to use components from different manufacturers in combination.
Sync time: 1/250 s with focal-plane shutter, 1/500s with between-the-lens shutter, or up to 1/1000s, depending on camera type. A range of up to 300 m and up to 8 channels in
6 groups. World-wide approval (2,4 GHz), full compatibility of all Profoto and Hensel functions! All new units introduced at the photokina include this standard! Except for the Integra Mini 300, you will find both receivers built-in, the Profoto Air Radio receiver and the Hensel Strobe Wizard Plus receiver with integrated FREEMASK function. From now on, this is the new standard!

The new Expert D units
extremely fast, uncompromising technology, and “Three-Way-Function“!


The new Integra 300 Mini
 So much technology at an unprecedented low price, made in Germany!


Nova D 1200 and D 2400
A new class of generators by Hensel


Porty Premium turns Porty Lithium
or 30% more power at a 60%lower weight.
As an alternative to the regular lead-gel rechargeable battery packs, Hensel has developed a new rechargeable battery pack drawer with a lithium-ion-iron-phosphate rechargeable battery pack. You can work with the existing Porty Premium without restrictions. Pull out the old drawer with the lead-gel rechargeable battery pack and the new exchange drawer with lithium technology, done! Within seconds, you turn your Porty Premium a rechargeable battery pack generator of latest technology.
All advantages, like substantially lower weight, longer life span, faster recycle times, much higher power density, and thus more flashes “out of one drawer”, are immediately at your disposal. You can continue to use the existing battery charger. It is that easy!
Of course, all regulatory requirements have been met. The drawer is leak-proof and can be carried in your luggage when travelling by air. The whole drawer only weighs ca. 1.5 kg.